Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva, says, “Our company mission is to empower the world to design. And we really mean the whole world.” Listed as one of Forbes top 30 under 30 isn’t a small feat either. I have to say that I agree and think their mission is paying off.

I have found Canva to be a wonder drug for my design and platform handling. I think in pictures, I’m an artist, so I wanted something that seemed intuitive, easy to use, and wouldn’t take a year to learn the tough stuff. Enter: Canva.

No, it’s not an artist-pad…

The Author circa ~2015, and her Boobs.

I forgive you for growing to a size that costs me over $100 per bra. I forgive you for being a size that means I can never wear a fancy, lacy, small-strapped bra.

Instead, Boobs, I will ensure that I have the right sized bra, despite the fact that they look like they belong in a hospital.

Dear Boobs,

I forgive you for weighing so much that I have back problems, bad enough back problems to qualify for a government-funded reduction. …

This morning, like many other mornings, I went out for my morning medication routine. (I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain from when a truck hit me.)

Amanda N. Ramsay

Observant Wordsmith; Member of the Orders of: The Obscene, The Morbid, The Uncanny, The Feminine, The Queer. NeuroDiverse. Intersectional Single Mother. 🦄

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